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Guys, how do you break the stereotypes?

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Chris nailed it. The best way to ahiw that you're a real man is to NEVER result o violence or means of aggression to get what you want. That shows the difference in a loser guy and a real man.

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Ok so for me is WTM and I listen to music about love & relationships lol. One thing about me that breaks the male stereotype is that I listen to girl's generation (a korean girl band). Although one of the reasons I listen to them is because they are pretty apealing to look at =).

Typical male things about me is I lift weights (Not so ripped yet but I am getting there), play sports (I am not so good....yet lol), I watch sports but occasionally, I listen to rap, look up to super heros, and I have taken martial arts.

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  • Waiting until marriage
  • Actually value women, want a mushy relationship
  • Want to go above and beyond to make my wife feel loved, adored, special, sexy, etc
  • I enjoy housework.
  • I enjoy love/romantic music.
  • Chivalrous, always.

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Well, I like to think there's a bit more to life than getting sex, so automatically I'm an odd man out. Ah, the bad boy and nice guy paradigm...both I believe are hollow and pathetically limited visions of what a man should be. At one point awhile back, I was actually considering learning the ways of the pick-up artist. I kid you not. I figured, "Why bother? This is the only practical option."


Woe unto me and my spinelessness.


Didn't take me long to wake up: there's nothing edifying or truly serene about that world. Just one rubbish lay to the next--I considered that life, however fun it may be, and found myself asking, "Is that it?" How do I break stereotypes?


By being me.


(I want to write comicbooks. That's all you need, lol.)


Can't say I care much for chivalry though, not unless a woman actually warrants it (and is in turn, you know, respectable). Women are people, human, nothing more and nothing less, and I treat them as such. Sure, I'll hold open doors for strangers, but that's for either gender, and people have done it for me. My woman however can open her own freaking car door and pull out her own chair...unless she's carrying my child or something, lol. 

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I dont know where to start, Im an INFP (personality type) the F in that means Feeling rather than thinking(T) , In North american society Woman are socialized to use there feeling function and men are socialized to use there thinking function more often , This isolates the males who make  decisions influenced by there emotions.....



I dislike the posturing and “mine is bigger or better than yours… car, house, etc. †comparisons. Material things mean little to nothing to me

I dont like competitive sports or activities other men seem to enjoy...i find it quite boring

and i would rather go shopping

I am passionate about my dreams which all have something to do with helping others rather than increasing my status in the world

I am chivalrous and chivalry is a dying art

Alot of the time i feel like i wear my heart on my sleeve

My fave past times are making music and singing...I cherish creativity.., i Was the first boy in my school to join the choir and for a year i was the only one. I also was the only male in a Dance group called D4J (though i still think my dancing sucks XD)

I dont like how guys are usually the ones who have to initiate relationships, And i wouldnt even mind if my love proposed to me to get married

and Sexually i get excited by knowing what my girl is thinking and feeling rather than  by her physical body and the physical act.

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-I play video games

-sew (a guy that knows how to sew!? *faints*)

-I know very little about cars. know just enough to keep it out of the shop and save money

-actually I'm not very powertool friendly either (gimme a manual screw driver, you can keep your fancy 18 speed electric screwdrivers)

-I don't like watching sports nor playing sports (dispite having the body build to play football. you can imagine my family pushing sports on me just because I have wide shoulders)

-I cry too when needed (men don't cry! 9_9 sure~)


That's about all i think. I don't wear the typical style this is rampant in my part of town (the thug look)

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Hmm, this is a bit tough to answer because I'm somewhat of a typical guy...


  • My desire for a woman is beyond just the sexual.
  • I'm understanding/caring.



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