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Myers Briggs Personality Types: Strengths and Weakneses

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Hey Everyone,

This was probably asked before in other threads but I am curious... what is your personality type and what strength and weaknesses do you feel you have because of it?

I will start... I am an INFJ.. woo hoo.

As an INFJ some strengths that I see coming from having this personality are the following:

-Being a helper (I love to help people especially those in need). 
-Being an advocate for someone.

-Insightful (Probably due to having a strong N (intuition function) but I see issues not at surface level but I tend to delve deeper and as a result I gleam new ideas and perspective when I look into a situation)

-Determined and passionate (when I am passionate about something such as a cause or I see a reason following a dream then I tend to go after what I want and be passionate about it.


- Agreeableness (some people may find this trait a positive but I put it here because  INFJs are high on agreeableness to the sometimes detriment of not putting forth their own thoughts when in relationships). 
- Harmonizer (again, some people might believe this trait is positive and I would agree with them: harmonizing with others is a good skill when trying to possibly smooth over a conflict. But, I also think too much harmony is not a good thing. As an INFJ I tend to naturally harmonize and what sometimes ends up happening is people do not know what my real views are on the issue and that’s because we tend to mirror what the other person is saying. I think as INFJs being able to extrapolate our own conclusions about the situation first before harmonizing with the person may prove beneficial so we don’t get caught up in the feelings and details of the moment). 
- Sensitive (ooh my goodness! INFJs can be sensitive. By sensitive, I mean when someone challenges my view or labels my view as preposterous, then I tend to have a strong response to them. I think as an INFJ, what has helped me to deal with this sensitivity is realizing that the person trying to criticize me isn’t trying to put me down but give me constructive criticism (for the most part). But.. giving forth a strong response due to some form of criticism is a natural response of mine. 
- Extremely Private (as an INFJ I tend to be private and don’t easily let other people privy to my thoughts. I know other INFJs who are similar and I think that’s because INFJ are in their head a lot and we use these thoughts to shape who we are  and I think sharing these thoughts to be vulnerable. 

What about you? What personality type are you?

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