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Prayer of consecration to God (God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)

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Prayer of deliverance and consecration Prayer taken on the youtube channel Teruah 2019 Abba Papa, in the name of Jesus, I pray that Your deliverance may manifest itself now. Heavenly Father, right now, I'm making the choice to submit my body to You as a living sacrifice, consecrated and pleasant, which can serve You as a worship service and reasonable tribute, in the name of Your Son YahuShua. (Romans 12: 1) In His Holy name, I disapprove, withdraw, and reject any agreement, pact or alliance which is to my spiritual detriment and that was able to tie me up by any means. I chain all associations through my genealogy, my biology, all promiscuity, all impious intimacy, all approval, any complacency, influence, or work of the flesh that allowed demonic entities to cling to me and torment me, in the name of Jesus Christ. In His mighty name I cut and sever each of these ties now - Amen! May Your precious blood Jesus come now to wash and purify my whole being and sanctify all that in me had been defiled by these ungodly and evil bonds. May Your Holy Spirit, Yahweh now guide my behavior, my preferences, my relationships, my decisions and my choices,and may He guide me with discernment in all Truth. I choose to be open to His teaching and His warnings manifested in my conscience, so that He can lead my steps at all times and straighten my ways when they tend to move away from Your perfect will, and make me fall in sin. Thank you Abba Papa, for the authority and power with which You make me grace in Jesus / YahuShua my Messiah, in whose hands I deliver this prayer with confidence, to assert this authority in my life. AMEN.


Prayer against the demonic prophecies spoken about my life Prayer taken on the youtube channel Teruah2019 Abba, Papa, in the name of YahuShua I reject and oppose any prophetic word not coming from you, which I have been able to receive and welcome. I ask You, please, to purify me of any residue aroused by the acceptance of these words spoken on me and on my life. I cancel the assignment of any demonic prophecy that has been spoken about my life, past and present. I renounce all acceptance or approval of these profane, impious and misleading words, and I oppose the principalities behind them. Lord, give me grace for the discernment necessary to identify the prophetic words of demonic sources. Help- me to differentiate every word that comes from You from voices that come from the enemy! Thank you Dad, for giving me ears capable of hearing, a spirit capable of discerning deceptive minds and seducers, and spiritual eyes to see what is sneakily coming against me. I want to obey and listen only to YOUR VOICE, Heavenly Father, and no other. Yes, I wish to be guided by You alone in the gifts and the destiny that you traced especially for me. I do not wish the glory of men, and I do not envy the position, the gifts or the destiny of any other person, because I know that you have already planned what is best especially for me. So I aspire to do and become all what you want me to do and become, by Your grace and Your gifts, and in all things may my life give you glory and honor in the name of Jesus; Amen

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