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Pornography - you can have victory over it in the name of Jesus

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I share below the testimony of a sister in Christ who has been struggling with pornography (because, yes, unfortunately, nowadays young girls and women have also this problem for different reasons).

I pray that this testimony can be used by God Yahweh to free all the people(guys and girls)  who will read in Jesus'mighty name. Amen

PS: I haven't watched the video myself.




If anybody here is on their path to finding freedom from sexual sin like me, I want to encourage you to listen to this video. This is talking about "spirit spouses" that can impregnate you with their demonic seed of perversion while you're sleeping. If you constantly experience overwhelming bursts of sexual arousal out of nowhere, or feel intense spontaneous orgasms at random points of the day, feel intesely sexually aroused when you first wake up in the morning- you could be dealing with a spirit husband. Being sexually aroused is one thing. But I'm talking about when it feels so intense and strong, to the point like there's no way out and you HAVE to act on it.

When you know the actual cause of a stronghold, you know how to pray more effectively and know what to counter-attack. I had to pause, go back and take notes! This is good stuff


I'm still going through deliverance myself with this, it's definitely a process. Maybe if you have a pastor or trusted spiritual mentor who you can talk to that will be willing to pray for you I would consider that.

Another thing is to pray and fast! Ask God to deliver you from the stronghold of lust and perversion, don't just focus on the specifics (like porn or Masturbation, etc). Because a person could get delivered from homosexuality but then struggle with heterosexual sex outside of wedlock later on, because the symptoms were repented of but the root wasn't killed and renounced. Pray that the strongman will be broken so you don't fall under another sin under the same umbrella of lust and perversion. 

Ask God to kill the root of it. And verbally renounce ANY spiritual covenants that you may have with a Marine spirit or spirit husband that tries to have sex with you and keep you bound. Confess that you are now coming OUT OF AGREEMENT with any demonic activity that has been operating in your life. Pray that the spirit will leave your room, house, bedroom, etc and that God will give you a hatred for it and not return to it.

Be careful of shows, movies music you entertain obviously. Spending so much time in prayer just to go back to watching garbage will be useless. The enemy loves when we clean our house but leave it "empty" (not praying or reading the word) or dirty it back up (engaging in activities that fuel our lustful thoughts and desires) I hope some of this helped. 





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