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Kingdom of darkness-Sex with humans

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Kingdom of Darkness Sex With HumansKingdom of Darkness Sex With Humans

Original article:

The kingdom of darkness haves sex with humans – sex is a device in their hands

2 Cor 2:11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices

Kingdom of Darkness Sex With Humans

There are 3 kingdoms;

  1. Kingdom of God
  2. Kingdom of Satan or darkness, and
  3. Kingdoms of the world/men

Kingdoms of the world are kingdoms of Satan reason Satan offered them to Jesus when tempting Him (Mt 4:8)

There are 4 levels of sex;

  1. Between humans – human to human
  2. Between humans and the creation like animals – abomination
  3. Amongst the kingdom of darkness itself
  4. Between kingdom of darkness and humans

The kingdom of God does not have sex with humans neither amongst itself – sex does not exist in heaven. Reason Jesus said,

Mt 22:30 For In the resurrection, people will neither marry nor be given in marriage. Instead, they will be like the angels in heaven

Angels do not have sex and so will we in heaven – be like the angels.

In heaven there is no hunger, pain, thirst, crying, sorrow, fleshly urges and desires thus neither sex nor its desires (Rev 7:16, 21:4, Isaiah 49:10)

Angels are ‘sons of God’ in the same manner there are ‘sons of men’ – the offsprings of men. Fallen angels, angels that were cast out of heaven are called ‘fallen sons of God’.

Satan was an angel.

When Satan rebelled, he was cast down and swept 1/3 of the angels with him – these are the fallen angels or fallen sons of God.

When the fallen angels were cast from heaven, the glory of God departed from them and their nature changed. When they came to earth, they saw the daughters of men and lusted after them and the daughters of men likewise lusted after the fallen angels, and the fallen angels had sex with humans the product being giants.

An Angel of God in Him cannot lust after a human but this is not so with fallen angels, demons – lust takes them over for lust is a spirit whose source is Satan.

Jesus delivers humans in Him from the spirit of lust because that spirit sires sexual immorality and all forms of sexual abominations.

The kingdom of darkness haves sex amongst itself – but it’s beyond sex.

In his kingdom, Satan has a wife, she is ‘the harlot’ or ‘mother of harlots’ (Rev 17-18). Every kingdom that deals with harlotry and sexual immorality is under her e.g. the Jezebel kingdom, marine kingdom, etc.

Apart from ‘the harlot’ Satan has wives on earth who are the daughters of men, whom he physically haves sex with. This are not ordinary women but women in high ranks in his worship (Satanists).

On earth Satan haves weddings with daughters of men only attended by people in high ranks in his worship. In this weddings, he appears physically – like the handsome man a woman ever desired. It’s the same manner he appears in today-so-called-churches, see Satan appears physically in churches

In like manner as their master, demons too take wives and husbands for themselves amongst the daughters and sons of men and this is what is referred to as spiritual husbands and wives. See spiritual husband and wife

To many, the demons only comes in dreams and visions, marries them even gives some humans weddings rings, to even dreaming giving birth to children in the spirit, but to some humans the demons start to appear physically. These demons are one cause of sex in dreams and what the world calls ‘wet dreams’

A woman married to Satan himself cannot have sex with another human being but this is not so with the demons. A human married to a demon is led to sexual immorality but if s/he is married to a fellow human being, the demon destroys the marriage and if s/he is not married, the demon will not allow the human to be married to another human or have a happy peaceful marriage.

I know a story of a woman who every time a man comes to marry her, that night a demon with a huge penis appears to the man in dreams and whips him seriously and tells him to stay away from that woman – this is the spiritual husband of the woman in action; deliverance is the solution

Today, this spiritual husbands and wives are the large cause of no marriages, no peace joy and happiness in marriages, destruction of marriages/divorces and separations, sexual immorality, etc.

The kingdom of darkness sex with humans is in 2 forms;

  1. Physical – Satan or a demon appears to you physically and haves sex with you
  2. Spiritually – this is through dreams and visions

To the kingdom of darkness, sex is a tool, a device in their hands to steal kill and destroy humans.

When they daughters of men had sex with the fallen angels, they gave birth to giants and later the giants turned and started feeding on human flesh and blood and the abomination was great and the cry went to the Throne of God and He destroyed the world with flood thus destroying the giants.

Through sex;

  1. Demons are transmitted – from demonic world to humans and from one human to another
  2. Covenants are made and sealed
  3. Satan steals kills and destroys

Everything of the kingdom of darkness to humans ends up with sexual immoralities in one way or another – be it world parties, celebrations, clubs and discotheques, alcohol, etc.

A church not truly of Jesus Christ is a ground of sexual immorality and addictions – demons thrive in these grounds and are transmitted from one person to another. Reason you must first ask Jesus whether that gathering is His or not before joining, for where Jesus is not, demons are.

Satan and demons take a form of light, even taking the image of Jesus in your head, and come to you and haves sex with you. It’s written,

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14)

I have seen women who confess that Jesus is their husband and comes to them at night and haves sex with them – they lack understanding and wisdom. In other words they are confessing of being a wife to Satan or a demon.

If a person tells you that they are wives of God or Jesus whom He haves sex with – do not open your mouth, flee from such a person

When you hear a person telling you that Jesus had/has wives whom he haves sex with – do not answer or confront, flee from that person

Satan and demons can take the image of a person you know like your husband or wife.When in dreams you see an image of your husband or wife having sex with you, that is a demon which has just taken the image of your husband or wife to deceive you – it’s not your husband or wife but a demon.

There is nothing wrong with a man or woman having sex with his wife or husband, the kingdom of darkness hates this and fights it with all it has. But there is everything wrong with having sex with a human not your wife or husband and darkness pushes humans to this.

Let those with wisdom understand – in God’s time and Will, I will reveal beyond this point.

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand

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