Victory is Always Sweetest When You’ve Known Defeat

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What do you guys think about this quote, as it relates to finding your soulmate, getting married, etc?

It will obviously be an incredible feeling either way, but do you think it will feel EVEN BETTER if you’ve gone through a lot of pain and heartache in the past?

For me personally, this has been the case, and it’s been rough. But what helps keep me going sometimes is just thinking about how great it will be and how much I will appreciate it, when it finally does work out for me one day.

How about you guys? Have you been through a lot of pain in this regard? What helped you to keep going and (for those that this applies to) how great was it when you finally found love?

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On 10/20/2018 at 6:00 PM, Abc123 said:

How so?

In public: You know that whole, "Aww, it is hard to find a man like yours".

He is completely different outside. He looks very sophisticated. I thought I won after waiting. He wanted to be treated like a virgin also. I listened to that.

Bomb dropped on me when I saw his inability to understand the meaning of what we were supposed to do on the night of our wedding. He couldn't understand what "special" meant. He couldn't bond. It was this same old "seen this before, did this before". I now completely understand the true meaning of virginity. It goes beyond biology and it truly is about two people and not one. I also see how the term damaged good is not an insult. It is real! 

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