Don't Date Someone Who Is "Waiting On You"

By Syzygy,
The title of this post sounds counterintuitive but it is true.  I have seen a number of posts and heard about a number of girls who had boyfriends who said they “were willing to wait”. So far, I have never heard about any of these resulting in marriage. On the other hand, I have read of a number of stories about people who did wait till marriage who are now happily married.  If you desires a good relationship, you should only date people who are truly waiting. "Willing to wait" or "waiting on someone else" is not really waiting.  So far, every guy that I have ever heard of who was "waiting" on their girlfriend was doing exactly that! They were waiting for her to drop her standards. They were only hanging around in the hopes of using her.  Even if someone really did respect their girlfriends decision that is not good enough. At best it is a counterfeit form of morality because they are basing their decision on someone else. Of course, if their girlfriend changed their mind, the "waiting" boyfriend would have no issue with adjusting... I found two good articles on this subject from the Chastity Project website: and Some great quotes from it- "Because I don’t want a man who acts chastely; I want a man who is chaste."  "Because a man who would forsake virtue (his or mine) if only I gave him permission is a man whose standards are too low. " "Because men are capable of more than the world around them says they are. "No guy will wait that long” is a lie, and boys who are taught that turn into men who believe it. But I hold up a higher bar than that for men because I think my future kids deserve a dad who can reach one, because I believe men can reach one, because I believe God created them able to do it."