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How I got married- William Djamen

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     Hi everyone :)

I share an article from a french man, William Djamen,  that I've found interesting. I hope it will bless you.

Edit:   I don't agree with every single thing he says, but I think he makes some good points. ^^


"Today, I only know of a unique message for single people. This message is the message of my life. I am the preacher and prophet of my own life. And I won’t do of my life, a generality to apply to every sauce. But instead, a trail to light up some persons.

This is how I got married :

I arrived in France and I immediately began to pray in a church in the outskirts of Paris. I was a young, passionate about God’s Word and God (what I’ still am between). I hadn’t the intention of getting married and this thought didn’t have even crossed my mind. Same for my wife, who was in another church.

On her side, my wife had the feeling that the Lord would lead her toward another church, but she didn’t know where exactly.

In the meantime, my cousin who is a friend of many years for my wife, wanted me to invite her to my church. I wasn’t really interested because I was focused on other things. And I was always forgetting to invite her.

The truth is I was totally ignoring that this was how God wanted to make my wife  parade  in front of me. As He had done with Eve in front of  Adam.

By a combination of factors, my wife  arrived by her own means, alone, in my church and I met her. When I saw her…hummm…my heart began to… I skip the details. After, we became friends, and later in our friendship, God confirmed many things.

I had noticed one thing : what was interesting my wife, who was my friend in this season, was just to be with me and nothing more. She was thirsty of God and also, God was using things he had already put inside of me while I was in EDEN (His presence) to captivate her.

I had a certain amount of  wisdom, a quietness, a maturity that she had never known before, and she felt, deep down inside of her, that we would known each other for many years.  She had perceived something inside of me that was answering to many questions she had. She also liked the way I used to dress. Well, yes, visual matters.

Then, while I was looking for God in EDEN, he was filling me with the things that would attract my wife. He even had given me a vision already (a garden to cultivate, the goal of my life and projects for wich I would need a similar helper).

I was a student in first year of BTS, without any neither financial  nor social status. But nevertheless, I had already plenty of things inside.

She simply loved me, and today, we have a wonderful daughter, wonderful projects with the Lord and we build together for the Lord.

We have known ups and downs together, and we pursue together in love, complicity and walk with our Lord.

- My sister, is the man you want to marry in EDEN (God’s presence) ?

- Is he an answer to many questions you ask yourself ?

- Can you visualise yourself with him in many years ?

- Man, do you have a vision (a garden you cultivate, that means your calling, your vocation given by God in this life) ?

Your vocation can be your job, but not necessarily...

If you don’t have any, ask God to give one to you, in order that a woman can come to help you to cultivate it.

If you don’t have any garden, she will find her own garden to cultivate.

Woman, if the man hasn’t found the purpose of his life, let him, don’t incitate him to get married too early. Continue to pray and to serve God.

Some women are so eager to get married, but they don’t understand that the man needs to have a solid vision before commiting himself. He needs to feel that his life matters. He needs to have a social status attached to his name. As Steve Harvey tells it in his book « Think like a man, act like a lady ».

A man who goes from one job to the next, without a real vision of his future will have difficulty to take charge of a woman, because can a blind person lead someone else ?

Man, God will never bring you a woman without making you able to take care of her financially. To tell the truth, I didn't have a regular job when I married my wife. I was still a student. But God told me that it was the time to marry her.

Woman, you have to know that when I saw my wife for the first time, she had everything to catch my attention, huh. I skip the physical details. Unfortunately or fortunately, the physical matters also a lot, because man sees first the body before perceiving the soul. So you have to please him physically also. Ahah

Well, I stop here. Don’t make a doctrine of this post, because I know you. Ahah.

May this post simply guide you and if it doesn’t make any echo in you, simply ignore it. We are free or what ? :)


If you have any questions, any disturbance regarding this, drop me  a message, I will answer you quickly.

You can contact me here :

William Djamen"

PS: William Djamen is french, but he speaks english


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