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Hi all! New fella here.

I love all the wonderful support given on this site regardless of past decisions and/or religious affiliation. Many of the forum topics and articles have been particularly helpful and relatable.

I'm a twenty something year old guy who has recently made some non-waiting oriented mistakes. It has caused me a great deal of stress and pain, and dwelling on these mistakes has become a bit of a problem. I have put myself in a kind of unique position with my girlfriend and am looking forward to reading other posters' thoughts on the subject (look for my post in the relationships forum).

Little tidbit about myself: I am an instructor and enthusiast in the realm of outdoor adventure recreation, particularly whitewater sports and rock climbing. I do a bit of freelance writing, am a singer and violinist specializing in very little, I love musicals, am non-religious (though not opposed to religion in any way), and I enjoy cigars and swing dancing. 

I can't wait to get to know all you lovely people. Thanks for all the help I'm sure you'll provide me in advance,


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