Dating in church - Why aren't guys asking girls on dates?

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Tragically, in my church almost all of the women are either underaged (going with their parents) or older ladies...


Also, they are typically in a group, which makes it harder to approach...


I'd rather not be a bother to the other people at the church...


Also, after everything we have dealt with from other women, it is hard to justify creating problems within the church for something that probably  couldn't work out...

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I didn't really care for the article all that much. Erica points the blame at Christian men for not asking her out, and then chimes in saying that this is why women end up with non-Christian men. What if the guys she knows aren't afraid of asking her out, and simply aren't attracted to her? Also, since scripture tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, there should be no excuses as to why these women are dating non-Christian guys.

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I agree with Buster. I really don't like these kind of articles. This is your typical politically correct article about how its always the man's fault that a girl isn't getting what she wants and that he has to man up and ask her out. Yes, it is true that there are some cowardly guys out there. But like BC said, often times it isn't anything wrong on the guy or girl's end. There just probably isn't anyone interested in you at the moment.

This Erica girl talks about how guys are too afraid to move past the friend phase and pursue. Well, what about guys who do try but are always put in the friend zone by these same girls? Why aren't these girls giving them a chance? Its because she is not obligated to. She has the right to say no and guys are not entitled to her saying yes. In the same way, girls are not entitled to be asked out. We don't owe each other anything. If there is no attraction, its not going to work. So why force it?

I mean, I get it. Sometimes girls feel lonely and desire attention from guys. Sometimes that leads them to seek that attention from non-Christian guys. But just because Christian guys may or may not be failing in their own lives doesn't justify seeking ungodly attention from guys you have no business being with.

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