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As a person who is still relatively new to my faith (less than 10 years) i often find myself experiencing a daily struggle between trying to enjoy the world, and trying to make it a better place. Like most of us, I am a person of circumstance, molded through experiences both good and bad, and cultivated through a trio of inhereted tradional values, sociological ethics, and geopolitical trends.

I come from two parents who were raised very differently from one another (Roman-Catholic, Jehova's Witness) and found my faith late in life (age 20). I have one brother who is muslim, a best friend who is buddhist, and have experienced over half a dozen different religions firsthand from my travels around the world. I no longer attend Church but still read my Bible daily. I often find it very hard to relate to fellow Christians in my neo-liberal religious views and I feel my travels are to blame.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has shared my views and experiences? Is it possible for a persons faith to change so drastically and still be considered Christian? I feel my faith has evolved more than it has changed mainly because I still carry the same beliefs, but I guess its taught me to be more accepting of others.

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What are your neo-liberal religious views? It might help us understand if you give an example illustrating why it's hard to relate to fellow Christians. What theological topics is there disagreement on?

I think a starting point in understanding this relationship is to examine your theology and your fellow Christian's to see how accurate each party is.

I grew up in a home where my father studied Buddhism and Hinduism and I wasn't raised Christian. I had read from Buddhist, Hindu, pagan and atheist books but never even a chapter of the bible. I met Jesus in my late 20's and started learning the bible afterwards. So my history is a bit multi-religious too.

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I'm a Muslim and I was born Muslim but my faith has changed a lot during past few years .

I still practice my religion ... but I don't consider myself a fundamentalist Muslim anymore at all . I believe , living in a modern world and 21st century requires us to change and reform our religious ideas and to adapt them with values and norms of our time ! 
been introduced to "religious Intellectual Movements " by one of my friends, and It's really helped me a lot in my journey . the way these ppl think and introduce God , Quraan(Holy Book) and prophet is really different from traditional views. 

I find it absolutely normal for a 20 year old to change or evolve his faith , I believe most ppl , usually become stable in their values and believes in their mid 20s ... 
My suggestion for you is to study a lot , talk with different ppl and read different ideas and religious schools , but at the end of the day , do not get direct influence from a single person or school ... you have to create your own , unique kind of faith in your mind and that's very normal , in my opinion ! 

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