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Reciprocity in prayer...

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So, even though a lot of you by now know that I am a non-religious follower of the Christ; I post in this thread because I am sure it is the most appropriate.


I was JUST thinking that if I want to ask Jesus for something, I should probably have a plan to receive requests from God too.  After all, that is two-way communication.  I will describe a model for my requests to God that I will use from now on.


Whenever I talk to Jesus because I want Him to give me something, I will from now on request a task that He wants me to perform in return for His Services.  If I am really to be Jesus' Servant, and not the other way around, then I will ask that He keeps me in focus by expecting from me just as much as I expect from Him.  Though I am not God, He Gives me plenty of tools and abilities to carry out His Will, so I know I have everything I need already.  All I need to do is ask Him.


I will let you know how this stuff goes as I begin a new chapter with Jesus.  He Has given me PLENTY already as a very unusually talented person with little stress and very light burdens.  This is even in spite of me waiting for marriage; I can still die a happy man just because of what Jesus Has Done already for me.  Since a lot of things in my life are coming into fruition these days, it is time for me to make good on Jesus' Investments in me.  I don't want to be a wicked servant who simply buried it all.  I want to double His Investments by at least making them second-generational...


Stay tuned.  I am sure these testimonials will get very exciting...

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I am still having a difficult time with my belief when I first started to waver and question the religion I was bought up in I felt like I would still alway believe in God and in Jesus his son. But more and more I find myself just saying "I don't know if he even exists" to the point I thought I might be becoming atheist altogether.

But every time I read a reply or post of yours I find myself in a state of well, like I've been reset, like I never had those doubts to begin with. I'm not really on topic here but I just wanted to tell you.

You're always so logical and real and with such faith. And you have such a way with words. You make me want to keep trying with God when on the other hand most "Christians" I meet make me feel the opposite.

Accompanying my aforementioned feelings of doubt I have prayed less and less I have had no inner motivation to prey or have even felt guilty to prey as "How can I prey to you God when I don't believe you're there" (and other strange thoughts going through my mind)

However I sincerely wish you well in your new endeavour and I will prey for you and your continued faith, wellbeing and that you continue to be the example/inspiration to others as you have been to me.

I apologise for rambling on so I don't know if I got my feelings down properly here.

Thanks for being you :)

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