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Alternative adventurous daring lifestyle sounds intriguing?

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How do you rate the alternative lifestyles:

1 = Absolutely not

2 = I gave some thought, but not for me

3 = Unsure, maybe I'd try it.

4 = Sounds like fun

5 = I've been waiting for people to be like me, yes, yes, yes!


Natural architecture: A natural building suited to the environment and unimposing

A Van

A tent

A cave

A log cabin with a wood stove and water well (or catchment basin)


Relationship Mindset
Live today, not in the past or the future.
Before children come into the mix, you put the other person 100% over yourself.


Family food
Primal diet, as defined as raw meat, raw dairy, raw whole fruits and vegetables.
Fermented foods, as in the healthy stuff like kefir and sauerkraut and sourdough.
Kosher: all meat consumed must be labeled kosher or go vegetarian.
No alcohol

Instinctive eating, as defined as eating based on sense of smell and taste and only one food at a time in its natural form until you experience a taste change.

Adoption of a baby that was given up for adoption.
Adoption of an orphan from an orphanage.
5 or more children.

No career, as in volunteering and helping others in impoverished lands.
Farming on an organic farm, eco-villiage, or commune.
Sailing across Antarctica


Polygamy, as defined as one husband to two or more wives.
Polyamory, as defined as heterosexual unions only in a complex tribe.
(Thought I would state the reason behind this, thinking about the adult to child ratio in the same terms of student-teacher ratio.)



Feel free to give any reasons behind why you rated as you did. And most of all, have fun! :P

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