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Ministry and marriage...

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I am a Christian, but I am not religious (a Christian who is commonly referred to as: "Spiritual but not religious" like all of those dating sites say, hah).  I am not naive either, so I post in this forum where it belongs.


So, I had a neat conversation with Jesus a little while ago.  I keep asking Him about how my ministry might begin.  It has already begun for quite some time.


Apparently, I am a friend to those who don't have many or even any available at a given chapter of their lives.  Some of them can get very depressed and I have seen God do some neat things while I befriend these neat people.  You know, it almost makes me cry tears of joy to know that when Jesus first was a friend to me when I had none, now I can: "Go and do likewise."  I have more friends than ever because of what God has done in my life, and many of them are people that are a part of the ministry where Jesus likes to put me.


However, this kind of life is very time-intensive.  I find that isolated or lonely people require a lot of maintenance when they are down, and therefore I have to do the work of about 5 friends.  I find the "work" incredibly fulfilling and fun, and I have experienced wonderful new things with all the people I meet in life.  My life is also enhanced as a result of the time I spend with the people who need it.  Truly, the yolk of the world is heavy, but Jesus' Burden is light.


It is really like this too.  I often find that my friends came from really hard times, just as I did.  They really have beaten the odds, or just need a little boost in order to live up to the enourmous potential that Jesus seems to want them to live up to.


Well, that's great, but I find that this life may make me too unavailable in a "settled-down" sexual relationship with a God-Fearing Lady.  It is SO EASY for me to live up to the many invitations that people in need give me while I am single and unattached.  I am simply free enough to respond easily to the needs of my friends that Jesus Loves, but I am not sure this will ever be the case with a family.


I wonder if I am simply waiting forever.  Or, I wonder if someday I might meet a lady with whom to reach out to the lonely in the future.  I find that ministry is something I would like to share with a would-be wife.  I am finding myself asking Jesus what kind of marriage He Wants me to have lately.  His Replies, however, leaves little selfishness on my part.  I often think about want I want in a lady, and what she might want in me.  But, these days, I find that I must also think about why a would-be marriage of mine might make JESUS happy for a change.  One of the things I did not consider in the past was a compatible ministry with a lifelong lover and partner.  I can't imagine that Jesus would be investing so much in my life and the others He Has Touched just so that I can live comfortably and have enourmous pleasure with a wife without answering to any of those in need all the sudden.  I am not prepared to tell Jesus that I failed to have compassion for the "least of these" because I was getting laid and living comfortably instead.  Of course, as a man waiting for marriage, you will have to excuse my ideal representation of a marriage solely focused on sex.  Its only natural, as I am sure many of my fellow sexually-supercharged waiters understand.


I suppose one realistic scenario might be that my would-be marriage might be an uplifting testimonial for those who want the same thing.  Maybe we will travel together and reach out to those who need our friendship.  This is just what I had pondered during the weekend and how waiting for marriage might have more in store than I thought before.  I guess we will "stay tuned" for what Jesus Has for me, as well as all of us...



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Wow GodsPhysicist :lol:

This was a beautiful post!! Very insightful, thankyou for sharing so we can learn as well!!

Please keep us posted, I would love to hear how Jesus is actively in your life and what you discover ^_^

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Awwwwwww ! Godsphysicist !!!!!

Really beautiful post indeed ! :)


Are you alive for real or just a dream? :P  I didn't know it was possible a man like you could live on the earth!

Awesome deep meaningful thougths of yours...

Thank you very much for sharing this with us. It is really helpful !

Thank's again

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