Has anyone heard of introverted alpha?

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I'm just wondering if getting a dating coach will actually help me find a girlfriend. Has anyone tried talking to her, and if you did was she any help?

I'm pretty much at the point where something like is the way I'll be able to find someone.



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Personally i think getting one does not matter, she wont be there all time taking decisions in your place, shaking your shoulders and lips to make you act and say what you have to say, will only give you instructions and leave it to your instinct to make the right moves in the right time, and if freaks can get GFs why not an ordinary person like you cant ?? just feel comfortable in your body be more confident abt yourself, enjoy what you doing along the way and be sure you gonna be amazed by the results, simply like that  :)  

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(Something like this is one of the ways you will be able to find "her" - but ONLY if you apply yourself, and are willing to Stretch Outside of Your Comfort Zone.)


I believe I know this coach. This is Sarah Jones, one of my colleagues. I've talked with her the phone a few years ago, when she was starting her business. My impression of her was really good.


I'm also a coach (and healer, spiritual guide.) I agree that it all comes down to what you *do* when your coach is not there with you. However, the right teacher can and will help you see your blind spots. (Very important! Because you cannot see them, hence the name! And blind spots are generally the reasons for people not having success with goals.) However, the coach can only help you see your blind spots if you are willing to Look.


I know from personal experience with my clients (hundreds of clients in dozens of countries, that I've worked with since the year 2000 - so, lots of experience) that it is Totally Possible to change patterns, and finally achieve success.


BUT! The client HAS to do their homework. Otherwise nothing will change. Even with the best coaches. The client MUST be open-minded, and do the work, in order to have results.


I had a client (in Los Angeles, CA) who is a wonderful man! Very successful in career, positive, great person, wonderful ethics, etc. He wanted to marry and have a family. But he was sooooooooo shy, he could not talk to a female. At all.


He found me online (on the website that hosts the 4 books I've written) and reached out to me because he was interested in my coaching. He signed up for my initial consultation, we talked, and then he enrolled in my 3-month coaching program. He was very dedicated. I gave him homework assignments tailored to his personality and speaking style: reading assignments, as well as ways to practice talking with women. I "held his hand" so to speak, through a process of baby steps. He really applied himself! Which obviously makes all the difference. As well as the importance of choosing a good coach.


One month after he graduated my program (just 4 months after he originally reached out to me for support) he met a lovely woman. They are now married, and have a 2-year old son. I like to keep in touch with my clients as time goes by; I talked with him a month ago. He is so happy! And he still refers friends to my coaching practice, because he loves the amazing results he himself experienced.


In summary, it is definitely worth it to get a "dating coach" if you pick a good one - and if you do the work!


:) Blessings, ~Noga

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P.S. DHZ, hope this helps even further:


In choosing a coach, it's important to make sure you fit into their niche/specialty. To make sure that *you* are who they are talking about when they describe their clients. So that it's a good fit for you.


Here is Sarah's page, that describes what an introverted alpha actually is:



On her website, she describes him as:

He is comfortable in his own skin.
He has an air of quiet confidence.
He adds value as a way of life.

A True Alpha doesn’t need constant validation.


So, if you really feel that this is you, then I'd say yes: Reach out to this coach, book a consultation with her, and be dedicated to the assignments she gives you!


Hope this is all helpful!! :) Blessings and Good luck, ~Noga

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