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Social Bias Against Men

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in canada it became a controversy that a man was fighting for  mothers only parking spaces to include fathers too 

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I don't believe society thinks males are typically victims of abuse or that a "few slaps" are no big deal. it sucks too. used to have a friend that stayed with a woman that abused him. i saw this first hand. but she would play the victim and claim he abused her. keep in mind i lived with them and i never once saw him raise a hand to her. not when she threw his stuff across the room. not when she would hit him, slap him or threaten him. not when she took his keys and then took his car. not when he caught her cheating. abuse is a problem on both ends of the spectrum; it is not a problem with just one.  though a large part of society only seems to notice it when it is against a woman

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