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What qualities women look for in a man after it know that the man is determined to wait?

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because personally I think it also must be careful to know how to choose the right person.

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First and foremost, a man's character.  And if I find a man who has the heart to help others in need, makes good choices for his future, and also chooses celibacy (choosing self-discipline to respect his own future), I know he is a rare gem indeed and that's the sort of man I'm looking for.  Even if he doesn't exist, I'll still wait, because that's the kind of man I deserve. 


There are other traits also but are not as important as a person's character.  Those traits are:

- the ability to grow a beard (NOT a metrosexual)

- to feel safe around him at all times (even when he's mad)

- loyalty

- respectful

- good hearted

- strong (helping me bring groceries in is a turn on)

- philosophical

- understanding of others' perspectives (I got a scholarship from a women's group one time, and the person I was dating at the time told me it was a sexist scholarship because it was not eligible for women and men.  I earned that scholarship too.)
- Someone who doesn't put so many gender roles on me.  I'd rather be appreciated than expected.

- Someone who would be able to adopt a child that wasn't originally theirs.  So many men just want a child with their "name" or their "chromosomes".  What really matters in the end?  Love or ownership?  If they aren't able to love a child who isn't their own blood, their love is conditional. 
- Someone who will accept me just how God made me opposed to societal pressures of what women ought to be (referring to physical appearance).  I love being a woman.  But I don't want to be an object. 

With all this said, I am obviously looking for someone mature.  Who has gone out and lived a little bit of life.  And has figured out who they are and what they stand for.

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This is something that, for me, has changed a lot as I've matured. No longer do I 'require' a brown-eyed, floppy-haired older man; but I do still hope that whomever 'the one' might be, he has a few favourable traits. :D

I'd love to find someone who is willing to adopt a compassionate lifestyle, if they don't already live one. As a vegan, I'd love for my partner to be similarly 'animal-friendly', sharing my belief that all lives are of equal worth.

Whilst I undoubtedly want a partner I can trust, I also want to be with someone who will trust me; someone who will let me show them new things, and will take my hand and experience the world with me. :)

Intelligence is an important trait, for me; although my definition of 'intelligence' is always subject to change. I suppose I'd really just like someone I can talk with, and who shares and understands my emotional needs. We could laugh together, cry together, learn together...

I don't ever expect to agree on everything with him; but if he can accept my beliefs, and even learn from them - as I would like to do with his own - then I'm sure we will never run out of conversational topics.

Someone who can embrace the things I enjoy, if possible. It would be lovely if we could both watch a sci-fi movie together, or enjoy a music concert, or play a game of tennis, et cetera. Perhaps we could both find new common interests. :)

Selfishly, perhaps the most important thing, to me, is that he will be a good father. The thing I want most, in this world, is to be a mother; and a good one, at that. No matter what, I will love my children; and to know that he will always promise to be there for them takes the proverbial biscuit. :)

...I'm totally not asking for too much, right?

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For me, looks dont really matter. I do like when a guy has quirks with his appearance though. Maybe extra thick eyebrows or a crooked nose. silly things like that are really cute to me and make a guy unique.


now to the important part:

-id like him to be loyal


-have a good humor



-Christian <3


I think that should cover it for the most part

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