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I just joined this site. I am 26, single, waiting for marriage, so in love with Jesus that I love Him with my body and save my sexual energy for future hubby. I am very fun-loving, goofy, playful. I am an elementary school teacher. It's incredibly stressful and rewarding....


I'm SO thrilled that I found this site.  I do not date; I believe in courting, on building a friendship toward marriage with a marriage-eligible partner. I'm getting older and the wait is both easier and harder----the fight to resist temptation is easier because I've overcome in the past and rely on God's grace to keep me going. The fight to wait on God for a mate is becoming harder as I age because I am getting a little anxious; I want to be married and start a family.


I attend a small church and there are only a few men around my age. Just from looking around at this site, I really wish there was more we could do about gathering Christian singles. We are to wait until marriage for sex, but it is hard to meet wholesome Christian guys, for one. Then, it is hard to meet other virgins or celibate/abstaining Christians.


This leaves me totally dependent on the divine intervention of God in order to find a suitable mate. (Father God loves when we are totally dependent :) I wish there were mixers and other events (arranged by the church) where I could meet other singles who are serious about Jesus, courting, and not sleeping with each other before marriage. It's great to be dependent on God and all, it builds your faith, blah blah blah, but yeah, you also get weary in well doing. And hope deferred does make the heart sick....


Please feel free to join my facebook support and networking group for Christian singles. :) I just created it today.




Also, I respect that this site was started by a non-believer. Anyone can join. Thanks :)



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Hi Waitingforcarats!  Welcome to our humble website.  By the way, that is a nice profile picture of you!

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There aren't many people my age at the church I go to either. I prefer the traditional service so it's mostly the 55-95 crowd. :lol:

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