Is this a typical player line?

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well he's originally from seattle. that's all I know lol you got me all confused with this moon stuff lol

i wouldn't call him arrogant but self-assured, i guess? which is a trait i like in a guy.i think the reason i spent this much time with him is because he's interesting to talk to. he's knowledgeable about a lot of different subjects and i feel like I'm always learning something new when I'm with him.

so mentally, I'm pretty happy. emotionally, not so much lol


but yeah thanks so much for trying to help me figure this guy out lol i really appreciate it. i feel more confident now about the steps i need to take.


also i don't know what went down between you and your friend but i hope you're ok?

the way you talk about him it sounds like you still have feelings for him like there's still some type of unfinished business between you two lol i won't pry into your situation but just making sure you're alright lol


you have an aries brother? i would kill to have an aries sibling to keep me sane and always have my back lol


No problem. If I can help even a little it's worth it.

I understand completely. I once found this Gemini man outstanding intellectually (that's usually where my attraction starts is the mind), but as I got to know him better he turned out to be a total douche who was pushing me further than I was willing to go which stressed me emotionally (exactly like you're saying). Just be careful. I know you'll figure it out :D! Good luck!


As for that guy. It was unfinished, but it was pointless. I have no romantic feelings for him but it felt like I lost a great friend. Unfortunately this happens. Thanks for your concern. I'm great, though :D gotta move forward.


HAHA yeah he's uhm... very Arian and not always in a good way. Though now that he's moved out he's better. You'll meet some Aries people in your lifetime :D just look out for them!

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