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What if.......... just what if......

A guy you were courting/dating/being pursued by told you nothing about his sexual past. Would you even ask about that?

If you are one to ask a guy and then he chose not to answer or didn't answer seriously in a playful way then would you care?

Thanks :)


Wait just a minute..........

What if the guy is .... really inexperienced and embarrassed?

And he just doesn't want to answer because he thinks he will judged by the entire population.


Had a girlfriend quite some time ago but not quite so long ago. I was a virgin and she wasn't. I told her that I was... of course expecting that information to be private and unshared. Some time after that and then I an talking to a few male acquaintances and then in conversation comes up my "status". Trust in that on the inside I was fuming. However when it came up I instinctively lied not even thinking about it. *Well not exactly lie but being ambiguous. And then I re-told whatever I said to the girl. It was a sickening ordeal I rather not go through again.

I am guessing everyone just thought that maybe the hypothetical man in my post was probably a "player" but.......


Let me propose a new Situation please.

Let us say that a woman asks about her boyfriend's/fiance's/husband's past. He shares what he thinks is enough to share. He tells her that he does not want to share too much in order to protect her feelings. Is that wrong? No. It just can't be wrong.


You're not interested in discussion. You just keep changing your scenarios in attempt to elicit a specific answer to validate deceit in relationships.


You will not troll this place anymore. Good bye and go make trouble someplace else.

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i feel that a guy being virgin is the highest respect for women. waiting until marriage is saving yourself for your future wife and thats beautiful to me. I do ask guys if they are virgin or not actually before i date them, because (i know it sounds harsh) but i dont want to waste my time on someone who has already given himself away. if a guy didnt tell me, i would not date them.

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