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Just thought there might be others out there who'd like to share their art, their passion...

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Well, I was hoping it would be ok to share my website here and show my work in the hopes that I could find others who would like to share theirs as well. I'm an independent, or freelance, photographer/digital artist and, I think, that many facets of who I am shows through my work. I'm always looking for new artists to follow because it seems that when you find people who are interested in the same arts as you, you can find much inspiration. The piece I'm showing here is one of my more recent, photoshopped and edited, composites. Yet to be named. If you'd like to see more, my website is and please feel free to share your passion, if you'd like. I don't want to start a critiquing session, but it's ok if someone asks to give them constructive criticism. Mainly I would just like to have a nice place to share our worlds with each other a little.


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