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Nervousness in the presence of your spouse

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Do you still get nervous to this day, when you are around your spouse?


Or in certain situations, are you nervous and concerned what your spouse does think of you, even if it´s the mundanest thing?

For example, what your spouse thinks about your new clothes, haircut or whatever? 


Or do you think, that nervousness only appears in the very early stages of a relationship or dating-phase?


More general: Do you think, that a little bit of nervousness around your partner is a good sign, when starting a relationship with someone? How was it with your spouse?


Would it be a "red flag" if there wasn´t any nervousness at all? 


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I don´t know, if I worded my questions poorly.


I certainly don´t mean the kind of nervousness, when one partner is on the brink of a panic attack, has seriously nervous anxieties, feels uncomfortable and is unable to talk reasonable sentences anymore.

Then something ain´t right, indeed.


I´m talking more about the kind of nervousness, when you are smitten by your spouse, still feel nervous in certain situations by him/her.

A good kind of nervousness. The kind of nervousness, that brings a big fat smile into your face and sometimes even some sort of unexplainable insecurity (not very bad, of course).

Nervous butterflies might be associated with it, although it doesn´t always have to be butterflies, but just a feeling of nervousness. Even after all these years.


I searched on the web if anywhere something like this was discussed. The only thing, I´ve found was this article/blog entry.


Maybe this makes it more comprehensible, what I mean.

And I  think, if your spouse makes you nervous, everything is fine and it´s totally alright.


Just wanted to hear some married voices (I don´t know, if you are married; if yes, then it´s certainly different in every marriage and I certainly don´t expect an occasonial nervousness in every marriage) :)

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My husband still gives me happy butterflies in my stomach. I still get excited for his reaction when I dress up for a wedding or when I write a really good blog post or when I cook a new recipe.


I love him, and I want to make him happy. His opinion is very important to me, and I love when I'm able to please him by doing something. So the closest I get to feeling "nervous" is when I'm showing off something I'm proud of and hoping that he'll like it too.


But the kind of nervousness you might associate with "first date jitters" or whatever, I haven't felt anything like that since our second date (first kiss).

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