How did you resist temptation before marriage?

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We set personal boundaries that were farther back than areas we wanted to avoid.  For example, we didn't share a bed together for sleeping.  We also avoided long make-out sessions lying on the couch or in bed.  We also had a rule of keeping our shirts on when we were together.


My biggest advice for avoiding temptation is to truly value the things that you can do.  Don't just see kissing, cuddling, hugging as foreplay to sex.  Enjoy a kiss as a true expression of love.  Cherish simply being able to hold one another.  Relax in the arms of the one who loves you. 

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Dang that was hard! Only because he was stuck to me like glue-so irritating lol! I just knew it wasn't worth it and honestly as a virgin girl it just doesn't really work cus it's well pure Idk how else to explain it!!! lol

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