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You hear all the time from 'pop culture' about sterotypical relations in which you have to experiment in order to find out if you are sexually compatible with the other person. Playing up the fear that if the sex is no good the relationship won't last but as you know a WTM lifestyle negates this kind of relationship. So has there been any such problem in your love life? Has it been an easy and enjoyable learning curve or an akward and harsh learning curve? Is the love making better because of WTM or worse?

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I personally have enjoyed the fact that we were both sexully inexperienced when we got married.  This has allowed us to explore and grow together. 


In the gay community they make a huge deal about sexual compatibility.  A lot of this is based on people having very rigid ideas of what they want when it comes to sex.  If you view your partner as a sex toy that you use to get off with then I can see how you want to find the right kind of toy.  However if you veiw sex as a way of expressing love and care for each other, then I don't think sexual compatibility issues will be as difficutl.  Of course you will have to navigate differences but that is the same as other parts of married life.  You have to learn to make compromises. 


Good communication is important.  You need to talk about sex and your expectations for sex, even before you are having sex.  You will learn a lot about each other and your compatibility through this. 


In my opinion your sex life is an extension of your personalities and connection to one another.  If you have personalities that work well together and if you are deeply connected then any compatibility issues will be overcome. 

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one word-BETTER!!!!


No one to compare to and learn and grow and everything together!!!!!!

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