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Ideally, at what age do you want to start having children?

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Ideally, I want to start having children at the minimum age of 25 and the maximum age of 30. I would prefer to start at age 27. I don't mind having kids after age 30, as long as I have had at least one kid before.

I am posting something I already said in a poll thread that I put up on asking people what their ideal age to get married at was. So this is my reason why I want to start a family so young:

I was adopted by two wonderful people who were 44 and 45 when they adopted me. As awesome as my parents are (sometimes,) their older age has really hindered me from enjoying what I could have with them. My parents are now in their early-sixites and I am only 18! My mom has such a bad body (her back, her feet, etc,) and my dad recently got lukemia. I want to be a young parent for my children. My Grannie is 97, so my 62-year-old mom still has her mother. My Dad only lost his mother two and a half years ago. She was 92. They lost their fathers due to cancer and a horrible accident. There is no way I will have my parents past the age of 40. My Dad has lukemia so I doubt he will make it to his nineties...or maybe even eighteen. And my mom does not have good genetics on her side - like her father, she is beginning to break down at a too-early age. She won't make it to 90 for sure. Her father was doing terribly even at age 77, and my mom seems to have gotten his genes. So...before I am 40, a may have already lost one parent to old age or cancer (lukemia.)

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