Why are you happy that you waited?

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I will always be happy that i waited.  And i know my wife is happy that WE waited as a couple.   I think there's something extremely powerful inside a couple when they know that their commitment to each other included how they became fully a couple with each other.  People who have sex faster in a relationship - or even casually in a relationship - just view the place and role of sex differently and so i think for them, "waiting" can seem inconsequential.   a bit of "why wait" when it's just physical affection...   


meanwhile, for me...  waiting meant i wanted that one step in the relationship to be with just the one person i married.  it made me feel ... proud of myself?   if i can say that.   to this day i will always feel like i did the right thing, for me and for her.... that i was truly a stand-up guy...   and importantly that i honored God and his gift of love and sex.  i get to say to my kids that sex is important and i get to mean it.   these are things that make me happy that i waited - not the least of which is the fact that I loved my wife so much that she was and is the only woman i have ever been with and i know that is meaningful to HER as well and that makes me happy.  :-)

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