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WANTED: Profile of LeeLee Sobieski

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As is casually thrown about in pop culture, actress LeeLee Sobieski is a known abstinence supporter and I'm 95% sure she waited until marriage herself.

I'll have to do the research to find out for sure, but all signs so far point to her deserving a place in the Celebrities Who Waited section of the website.

Now, if you think you might be interested in writing this, be warned: this aint no little summary blurb we're talking about. You'd be following the format of the other bios already on the site. And as you may have noticed from the other bios...I want the celebrity profiles on this site to be much more comprehensive and meaningful than on other sites. If you volunteer, you will really have to dig-in to LeeLee's life story like a reporter or a biographer would.

It's a lot of Google research, a lot of Wikipedia reading, and a lot of writing down dates of things, but for me it's always a fun's like getting to know one of your heroes really, really well.

If you're interested on writing the LeeLee Sobieski bio, reply to this thread or send me a PM!

Little Ways you Can Help (if you're not in for the whole article)

1. Find a good article on LeeLee and post the link

2. Find and post links to good pictures of LeeLee and/or her husband. Or just of people who play important roles in her life (e.g., husband, parents)...people that will probably show up in her story if we do a biography.

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