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Hey Everybody,


Very special announcement. At long last, The Waiting Till Marriage Survival Guide is complete and ready for purchase!


Get your copy here: The Waiting Till Marriage Survival Guide


Thank you so much to everybody for being so patient while I worked on this book for the last year, and for those of you (there are many) who contributed special insights for the book.


You'll notice several sections written by WTM.org members you know, and if you contributed to one of the threads I posted asking questions for the book, your comments may be included too.


Specifically, many of your answers to the "Explain why you decided to wait in 5 lines or less" are in the book, and to those of you who've joined recently, I may add yours in a future edition. Note: If you buy this edition, you get any updates for free forever.


So everybody, let me know what you think!


Also, I'll be tweaking that sales page a lot in the coming week, so if you have feedback about the sales page, the purchase process, or of course the book itself, I'd love to hear it.


Also 2: The cover is a wedding cake analogy. Let me know if it is too subtle haha.


Thanks again for all your support over the last year. Now I can get back to working on sprucing up the site and writing articles! 


P.S. If you're curious, my next big WTM.org project is dating features.  B)

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a labor of love - in all senses of the word.

well done.

may it assure, reassure, inspire and be well-reviewed :-).

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