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Why I am waiting

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I am a virgin .

I believe that to respect one's body is a good thing and that virginity is a good thing.

I believe virignity is a pure thing.

I believe that men have the tendency to disrespect their bodies including their virginity.

I truly am happy to be here.

I want to connect and support other virgin men.

Im in college and often hear my neighbors doing "it" in the dorms next door. It is a little weird but I know I am trying to do a righteous thing....

I am a virgin by choice and I believe that my wife does not have to be one because she will always be  beautiful in my eyes.

I believe men need to be stronger than women and that being a virgin man is one of the most manliest things a man can do and that his virginity is one of the best things a man can give to his wife (regardless of religious beliefs). 


That is therefore why I am a virgin... and of course waiting jajaja!!

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I am so glad to hear you are waiting, and you are right, I respect you for it!

Just curious, if a man's virginity is so admirable (which it is), why then are you willing to compromise with a woman's virginity?  You are very sweet for being able to love her either way. 

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