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Hello everyone!


You can call me Chiyo. I've been browsing this website quite a long time now, but only now decided to actually join.


So, what can I tell about myself? I'm a person who believes my one and only is still out there somewhere. I just haven't found my future husband yet. For me personally, being a virgin at my age (27) is not hard at all. My values in that matter are too strong. Saving myself to my future husband is something so precious and I love it. I want to be faithful to my future husband. 


Being a virgin in a Western country is considered to be something weird. Before converting to Islam, my friends were almost treating me like I'm terminally ill! I have had many offers from men, but I just can't do that. I can't even hold hands or hug with boys. My hands are only for my future husband. Only he can hold my hands, kiss me, hug me and all that forever. When my husband holds my hand and gives a gentle kiss on my forehead, only he has the right to see my blushing cheeks. :)


Beside just waiting, I'm a bookworm, a student, a daydreamer, an adventurer, an observer, a Muslim girl. I'm everything and nothing all at once. I'm everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. I'm a sister, a daughter, a friend and a stranger. I'm a romantic, a sentimental person. 


Feels a bit silly to be here but I do hope it is okay! I do apology for my long introduction. :)

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Glad you're holding onto your principles.welcome! :)

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