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As entertaining as Disney movies are, many of them sure have bad and unhealthy messages regarding love and life in general, especially to girls. Here are some examples:


The Little Mermaid: It teaches girls that they change themselves be with a man to the point where you disobey your parents and even changing your species to be with him. That is the equivalent to a sex change. Also, apparently it's a good thing to have an entire shrine full of trinkets that belong to the man in question and to obsess over them. Can you say stalkerish?


Beauty and the Beast: Like you said, it teaches that it is possible to change an abusive bad boy to be a sweet, romantic gentleman. Also, bestiality is okay in the film.


Sleeping Beauty: If a guy you just met once takes advantage of you in your sleep, it mean he is your Prince Charming and he's the one for you.


Snow White: An even worse example of the above point. In this case, she's never even met the guy before he takes advantage of her! The movie also highlights the worst case of female cattiness I've ever seen. We have the stepmother queen who is supposedly the hottest female in the land (Who is so narcissistic that she needs the validation from a mirror.) Then comes along another woman (Snow White) who is perceived to be even hotter than her. Out of Jealousy, the stepmother queen goes through great lengths to kill Snow White so that she will once again be the hottest female in the land. This is the reason why women do not rule the world, because they hate each other. lol


Aladdin: No matter how many times your boyfriend lies to you, you stay with him and even marry him eventually. It also shows what happens when you replace Robin Williams with the guy who voiced Homer Simpson: The sequel becomes a direct-to-DVD release. Also, people in the Middle East speak English.


Mulan: People are so dense that they cannot recognize a woman among men. Also, people in China speak English.

brilliant reasoning and I loved that this made me laugh so much. I loved Disney princesses, you've totally opened my eyes to what they brainwashed me with in the background

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Nice eCard 

You would make a great Disney Princess


Any women can be a Disney princess. 

Very fun question

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