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My friend sent me a link to this great article and it really encouraged me.  I think the ideas of this article really complement the ideas that I shared in my thoughts on "passive vs active waiting".  I love the idea that God is with us in our situations and that he challenges us to be with others in whatever situation they might be in.


Give this article a read and share some of your thoughts!

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I love the word is with.   Not for, not unto, not love, not should, not any of those other words that would specifically call to mind faith or faith consequences.  Not grace, not savior, not a word that is directly a description or naming of God.  




and i think maybe the thing i like best about that - is that with does not require that you define yourself as a Christian or even as a person of faith.  with is active in purpose with other people, with situations, with listening, with doing...   without the need to define your spirituality or your relationship with God.  For those of us who are Christians, yes, it takes on more;  but for everyone who is of another faith, or for everyone who is perhaps agnostic or uncertain or not religious... "with" to me aligns with who we are as people who care about other people, who nurture each other, and who are in fact "with" the people and circumstances in their lives.


very nice.

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