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Yeah, hopefully the guys will answer this so we'll know, but I'd guess the same. I know that for me, the things that hurt me the most are when people (especially guys) insult my femininity. I'm still really upset when I think about the guys in high school who told me I "had a moustache", was "hairy", "looked like a man" and would joke about asking me out, making it clear how hilarious that would be to even ask someone like me out...Yeah, I still find it hard to even show interest in a guy without the thought, "Of course he's not interested in you; you're ugly and look like a man, remember?" running through my head for at least a second. I still can't look guys in the eye.


I'd assume it's the same thing for guys. Someone insults their masculinity, I'd imagine it was pretty painful.


(Read all that and it sounds depressing. Ah, well...)




I know exactly what you mean Jegsy. But in my case it was always women making fun of me because of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

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Girls, here in Belgium, if they insult to guys, they use these words:

- hoerezoon; meaning son of a 'specific type of woman'

- janet; meaning gaylord or sissy

- kakker; meaning someone who is a - informal word for cat -, literally meaning one who poops

- homo; you know the meaning

- klootzak; meaning scrotum


And if it's a guy who insults a girl, they're mostly these:

- slet; you know what it is

- hoer; you know what it is

- matras; mattress, implying she sleeps with everyone

- doos; meaning box, implying she has no use 

- junkie

- shniffer/sniffer; crackwhore

- gorilla; implying she is hairy

- shnor/snor: meaning moustache, implying she has a moustache

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A**hole, jerk, and jacka** are all gender-neutral. IME, they are used for men and women. Bastard is technically gender-neutral, but I rarely see it used as an insult towards women. 


Douche/douchebag, Nancy, Shirley, pansy, and f*g/f****t are all insults towards men because being a woman or gay is the worst possible way to insult a man.


But the problem with the majority of this language is that regardless if you're insulting men or insulting women with gendered language, it all supports the misogynistic idea that women and gay men are lesser than straight men.


Or it could be insulting because the straight male is not a woman or gay. Its like calling a dog a cat. Certainly can be sexist/other connotations but I think it can be insulting merely because it denies the targets identity as a man, a woman, ethnic, age etc regardless of the desireability of the compared state.


I disagree, Belle, I think of the words asshole and jackass as being more meant for guys. The word "jerk" is neutral. I agree that there aren't too many truly derogatory words directed at men. Women have a whole slew of sexually-charged insulting words. Not so for men, unless you're referencing homosexual tendencies. 


I agree, though I see "jerk" as more male-targeted and sexual - as in jerk *ff. Other male-oriented ones: pervert/creep, needle d*ck, pr*ck, w*nker, b*wbag...plenty sexual/gendered for me

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I always saw "coward" as the ultimate insult towards a man, especially if it's coming from a woman.

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