Would you date an opposite sex version of yourself?

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Hell NO!

If there is a female out there that looks like me..... Shivers eww :( I feel sorry for her. I would make a hideous looking women...You could dump that hypothetical version of me in a prison yard and the inmates would be like....ummm I'll wait till my sentence is over...haha...While this is not a deal breaker or anything I prefer to date women smarter than me :) She will keep me on my toes and always learning...and I will do the same for her, just slightly less.

Speaking of men looking like women:


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Here's a question I haven't given my two cents upon.

Well maybe, ... I'm kinda tall at 6-6 so maybe a bit shorter.

But overall a feminine version of myself yes I would, she'd be a Christian, have a depth of heart and be physically fit.



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