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I am a person who used to read my Virgo horoscope every single day. This was only for fun. I don't do it so much anymore, but I will occasionally read about the Virgo sign and think "Wow. This sounds so much like me."

There is so much more to astrology than daily horoscopes, though. There are zodiac signs, charts, predictions, etc. I've never gotten into it that deep, but I started to wonder if reading my horoscope was in some way going against my religion.

Here is an article that states that astrology is in the bible:

Here is one that states the negatives of astrology:

( I googled and these were the first links to come up :) )

How do you all feel about this? Am I thinking too much into it?

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I think you are over thinking it. You said yourself that you only view it as a bit of fun. I think that the zodiac "personality types" are by nature very broad so that most people can identify with some part of the description. That said I'm a sagittarius but I identify with nothing to do with that star sign. I remember once though that my horroscope for like a week could be interpreted pretty closely with what was going on in my life. It was pretty funny. I dont believe in that sort of stuff but it is fun to pull out the horroscopes and read them from time to time.

It doesnt sound like your a heavy believer in astrology. I dont think reading your horroscopes in a magazine for the fun of it should in any way conflict with your Christianity.

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Oh my gosh! Haha I have been thinking about this so much, lately. See... I studied astrology for at least 10 years. When I got sick this past February and later found out I nearly died (seriously, surgeon told me it was a 4 or 5 on the scale they use to grade ruptured brain aneurysm severity meaning I had a 10-20% chance of even surviving) I was shattered, to say the least. In the aftermath, I've done nothing except make God absolute first within my life. I realize that He is the reason I am here today, and I do not want to do Him any disservice after everything He has given me.

But I mean I studied astrology very intently. I know about houses, ascendants, IC, DC, MC, I know the planets and which houses they fall in my birth chart, I can automatically "read" people's signs pretty soon after meeting them... I was heavy into it. But now I just feel like if I do that, I'm dishonoring God with the life He's allowed me to once again live. I do still think about astrology and sometimes think about reading my horoscope, or casting a chart just to see what's going on, or reading about the planet's transits and how that might mirror the chaos on this Earth at the present time... But then something just feels so wrong about it now. It can be harmless, I believe... But I know me, and I know the dedication I commit to something I'm fascinated in, and I can't just dip my toes in, I want to dive in. So I just steer clear.

Then I remember Jeremiah 29:11 and astrology just doesn't seem relevant anymore. I don't have anything against anyone who reads it, because I do truly believe that God invented the planets and the stars, and for some reason (I don't think it's a coincidence either) certain signs do match our personality traits. I'm a Sagittarius Sun sign with a Taurus Moon sign and Sagittarius rising sign (with Saturn and Uranus on my rising sign) and there's no doubt that when you combine those placements along with my Gemini descendant, Scorpio Mercury and Mars... They definitely fit me. There's just a sort of negativity in my spirit now, when I dive into it searching for answers I should be seeking from God.

I'm not sure how He feels about us researching astrology. I never really saw it as a predictive tool, but sometimes even that makes too much sense... Or a way to like cast a spell... No black magic for me, but it just seems wrong, now that I'm real with my walk with God.

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