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Next question: What do you believe is the meaning of life and where does it come from?

Personally, I don't really know for certain. I want to believe that it is something spiritual and forever beyond our grasp of science and reason which leads to something else, but then there are also loads of other credible possibilities, provided I care to think of one or don't just assume there is no meaning.

I think a lot of meaning can be taken from theory and current level knowledge of the Big Bang; that everything we know of, and don't know of but exists, probably came to be from fluctuations in unstable nothingness(or as far as my understanding of it goes). It's like all of existence and non-existence cannot deal with not having at least the building blocks of life around, if not life itself, and what if it can't exist without observation? Observation changes the behaviour of electrons in that they can be in two places at once until they are observed, at which point they can be determined to be in only one place. If this in any way extrapolates to other particles, our entire universe could be entirely a creation of our perceptions as we experience it... Perhaps the meaning of our life and consciousness is to give shape to nothingness.

Then there's various Quantum theories of consciousness in which everything that exists has a varying degree of consciousness, and life itself is some kind of concentration of those conscious elements into a personality. This often stretches out to biocentrism, the idea that life is a result of consciousness accumulating and that eventually there will always be life in any given iteration of our universe so long as there is consciousness.

From a biological point of view, we exist to perpetuate our DNA and thus the moving and shaking of our cells and their components and the atoms of those components... So basically life is one big party that never ends. In philosophy and atheism, people generally talk about deciding one's own subjective goals for life, which is certainly important and can become a journey in itself. Now that I think of it, even if we go down the religious route... All of these "meanings" seem to suggest that really the only reason we are here is because God or the universe or the endless void is bored of itself and lonely. It doesn't want to be static inexistence; it wants to boogie endlessly! Or maybe that's just the extent of my perspective on the subject =
= "

EDIT: Okay I was wrong; according to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the answer is 42. How was I supposed to know?   :( - ???

Next question:  You've become a super villain; what is your villain name, super ability and evil motive?? >:D

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My Villian name is "The Ringer"

My super ability is know the exact sequence of events required to affect probabilities to have an outcome that is favorable to me. That is, things will always go my way so long as I choose them too. An example. If I decide to take a risky move such as recruiting dangerous people, the gambit will always end in my favor and the dangerous individuals will end up being loyal to me.

If  tank fires at me, the probability that the shell would explode and destroy the tank instead no matter how minute, will occur so that it will be a favorable outcome for me and I will come out unharmed.

My motive would be to take the universe and remake it into my own image seeking out immortality.


Next Question: If you could travel back in time and live out your life in another Era starting at the age of your choosing, where would you go, what age would you be and why?

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Two times I would want to go to:

Firstly, the 70's 80's (approximately). I'd like to be about the age I am now (19) so I can go see my favorite music artists when they were still alive/doing concerts/had their voices right. That way, you still live to have today's technology later in your life, and you can still go for late night walks without worrying about all the deranged individuals hanging around (or at least not as many).

Secondly, the Civil War, but I would want this to a lesser degree and only if I could be aware of life before I went there. For a few years I was obsessed about the period, and there are a few things that don't add up and some conspiracies that I would like to look into. The lack of modern medicine is close to being a deal breaker, though...

NEXT QUESTION: What is the weirdest thing/person/event you have ever experienced/seen?

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This site is the first thing that comes to mind. This has to be the largest gathering of diverse virgins and waiters. So why aren't people establishing more relationships? I have a few theories but who knows for sure?


NEXT QUESTION: Do you believe in sentient, extra terrestrial life? Why or why not?

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I believe that's it's possible, and I hope there is. I know most Christians do not believe so, that we are Gods only creation of the humanoid sort (and a flood of thoughts of possibilities just entered my mind). The reason I do or, at least, it's possible is because God is all powerful and capable of anything. When I was young and making the decision that I was going to wait for sex until I married, I didn't know anyone else who'd made that decision. To believe that I was alone in this was a bit presumptuous, not to mention arrogant...'I must be the only one', although maybe not in a proud way, anyway...why should we believe that we were it, I wasn't. That God made us, then stopped? Or, that God didn't make others before us? Some might say 'well it's not in the bible' (honestly, I don't know if there's anything regarding this in the bible, or not, and if someone points it out I'll look into it for myself and come to my own conclusions) and my only answer to that comment is that we see God as our Father, all knowing, all compassion, everywhere, everything, and if he is our father, or parent, tell me why we think he told us literally everything? Parents do not always give us every thought they have. Why would we think that? Why would we think that he wouldn't keep some things to himself if they have nothing to do with us and he can control everything? He gave us what we needed. What makes us think that he would not keep other creations out there and not reveal them? He made the universe never ending, why are we so self righteous to believe that our solar system was the only one he did anything with?

Thats it. No experience, no proof one way or the other that I'd like to bring into question, just my need to keep an open mind.

So, I can't say I definitively believe, but I hope, so.


Question: What is the one thing you'd like for your future spouse to notice about you, that maybe no one else ever does, without being told about it?

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