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Found 1 result

  1. Developing a special kind of bond with my future partner is exceedingly important to me. It's for this reason I question whether I'd be OK with marrying a twin. I feel that twins have such a strong bond that it's bound to alter the closeness between husband and wife in marriage. I'm sure some people have wonderful experiences marrying a twin, but I've also heard of horror stories. Here is one example from here: "My wife and I got married nearly two years ago and there has always been a difficulty that I have had with her twin sister. I can't really explain it, but I remember that initially it was hard for me to accept her calling her sister so much and constantly wanting her sisters advice. I mean once a day I can understand but twice simetimes three time a day. It really got me upset. This issue has stuck around and we haven't really dealt with it. I quite like her twin sister but I feel there is something between them that is exclusive to their relationship. Something I am unable to be a part of . . ." And to further help you grasp how close twins can be (something non-twins may not be able to fathom): "But as even most of you twins say over and over in these posts, it is a special bond and no one else can really understand that." Considering how close twins can be... a closeness that non-twins can't fathom, would you be comfortable marrying a twin? Woud you feel that it could compromise the bond you could have with your future spouse? And would you be willing to risk that?