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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone! I am currently in 12th grade, age 18, and full-time dual enrolling in college to knock out my first year! In the years to come, I plan to double major in Accounting and Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology. These two areas fascinate me, essentially allow me to be more organized, and grant me the hunger to learn. Two years ago, I had the honor of interviewing Glenn Burns (Cheif Meteorologist for channel 2) and Chris Holcomb (Cheif Meteorologist for channel 11). After a brief discussion, each said they would love for me to intern with them as soon as I am a college level junior or senior. It was truly an exuberating and wonderful experience to have. I plan on interning as well as working for one of the stations in the near future. I am still a virgin, and extremely proud, because it seems like not most people my age are not waiting till they are married. It makes me truly sick to my stomach! I honestly don't really want to get married or have children because working self-suffciently is more important to me; however, if I do I am defanitly going to continue waiting till marriage. Many people I know and most of my friends are sadly not virgins and those who are I continue to remind them of their values. Many say it's not a big deal but it very much is! I will forever remind my friends and others about waiting. In today's society, it's sad how many people have bible versus in their bio but are going around every night sleeping with every one! Rant over haha. I want to thank the creators of this website! It is very smart and I enjoy reading a lot of the topics in which surface on it! Thanks I look forward to being a part of the waiting till marriage community! Together we will rise!:) Sincerely, H.F.