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Found 1 result

  1. Does anyone know of any good Christian rock? I know of Barlow girl, I love flyleaf (my fav) but tired of the songs same with P.O.D. When I do a hard workout I like to listen to alternative rock/metal ie metallica, tool, evenescence, nirvana etc and others mentioned above...but I recently discovered that I cant listen to one of my fav bands anymore...tool I know their music is dark its part of life not everything is cookies n cream. Sometimes I like to sing along with angry songs like that and yell profanities in my car to let out some steam.\, Or get me pumped for a tough workout. ...You can judge me all you want but just because I love Jesus does not mean I have to be like the bradys... but anyway as soon as I hear a song that's negative against Jesus thats it for me...why Maynard whyyyyyyy?!!! this is definitely a struggle I have one piece of me that tells me I should listen to their other songs anyway and just avoid that song, but homie dont play that, once you diss my Jesus Im done with you. Now dont sit there preachin and tellin me the other bands are bad too please that'll be too overwhelming Anyway enough about that if you know of any good christian rock bands please post them here and who are your favorite bands in general? also Im curious about what you do to let out some steam? go for a run? yell and scream? meditate?...everyone gets angry if you dont then your life has not been a struggle...not to offend anyone.