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Found 1 result

  1. Quality time in family

    Original french article written by William Djamen, translated by G. One day I refused act of delivery in a hurry for a client because I wanted to be quiet at home with my wife and my daughter. Then, guilty thoughts mounted in my heart and I recall her, explaining clearly that I really could not be there and I needed to spend time with family. When I shared with her on phone, the opposite of what I had imagined, happened .She said she has never seen a man refusing money to spend time with his family. It was a great lesson for her and for me. One of the enemy's traps is to create a system where we become careerist, we just think to climb the ladder to get ahead, to make lots of money but at the expense of the most important, of the essential: our family. I am able to refuse a big benefit at work just to go see my daughter or my wife dancing. Before I was not like that. I was immersed in the photos taking, the photos taking and again the photos taking and I could be at home physically, without being there with my emotions and interest. Until the Holy Spirit taught me the importance of family. Pastor Greg told us about the 7 kingdoms on which the enemy tries to have dominion and among those, family is a prime target for the enemy. Family needs quality time. Let not your job become the priority in your life before your family. That's why I think if a couple enters its divine destiny it will have quality time together. I observe a lot many Jewish families and I learn a lot from them. I look at a company like Archos in wich business is family, father, mother and children together work and have time to forge a powerful bond. Pastor Felix Adejumo Funke once said that he had taken time during years to see their children grow up before starting to make a ministry abroad. They understood the importance of closer bonds between them and their children before starting to travel. She also said: "Do not rush to export your Christendom to outside if it is not established in your own home." The Pastor Christian Saboukoulou in a teaching about finances considered quality family time just as a safe investment for the future. I pray for you that God allows you to have a destiny in wich you will work with your family, do ministry with your family and spend time with your family. Be blessed. William Djamen