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Found 1 result

  1. Dream of a place

    I think a similar question has been asked in another forum, but not quite this specific. And this is posted in "Ask The Girls." So here's my question: We all know that social media brings together a lot of people digitally, but they never meet. When it comes to finding a marriage partner, a face to face meeting has to happen. I haven't found iPerfectPartner yet. When you dream about Mr. Right, the waiter who is a perfect match for you, where are you meeting him and under what circumstances? In a crowded shopping mall throwing pennies in a fountain? On a plane sitting next to you? In a small church gathering? On a national park trail? In a restaurant waiting on your table? On a wildlife expedition? Say you were at this place and someone walked up to you and said "he is here" and he in fact was there, would you do anything out of the ordinary to communicate your waiting status to him? If so, what? I haven't thought this through myself. So it would probably take a little time for me to answer. I'm just asking you to dream of a script that would fit you - and share with the guys who are waiting what you consider to be a realistic possibility.