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Found 1 result

  1. Christian Advice about Modesty

    Hello again beautiful people! This is another post I make on christian advices that I've been led to share and maybe someone, somewhere will find it helpful. First off I want to say that I mean to share it not only as a one-way post, but that I hope those of you who would be interested, would in turn share your opinion about it and maybe start a talk/debate around here. So, this is a relatively short (1 h) documentary about the topic of modesty through attitude with an emphasis on clothing. They say modesty start from the closet/outside look. Altough I believe modesty comes from the heart, I do agree that you cannot be a truly modest person (aka here, not tempting others) and at the same time wear immodest clothing and vice-versa. In the end, your attitude or your clothing will speak and maybe attract undesired attention in your life. I also want to point something out and this is that although they're not my own christian advices (and I do not feel in a position to give such now) I do share that they have helped me in my better understanding of the relatively new chosen path of living a christian life. I think for some of you they may seem to be coming from a too strict and conservative point of view ( as in "thou shall not" type) but I also find it necessary in today's world. And the documentary is far from being like that or boring; I highly enjoyed it, found it sincere, necessary and even funny at times. To me they come as an unexpected breath of fresh air because from all of a sudden, setting healthy and godly boundaries is in turn making me a lot more free in my life - something I never would of thought of happening a few years ago. With this said, I hope this will not open topics about religion ( spoiler: it is made by catholic believers) and that the message will speak beyond these man-made walls. *** Special message: between the minutes of 15-16:30, there is a special testimony from a young woman that points exactly to the focus of the WTMCommunity - self-worth and finding the right one to marry. I encourage you to watch it. God bless you all!