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Found 1 result

  1. Maximized Manhood

    Hey everyone I have read , a long time ago, a book entitled "Maximized manhood", written by Edwin Luis Cole Really I found this book awesome. I was very blessed by it. I share with you an extract and I hope you can be blessed also. "There is a priest in every home, God has entrusted this role to man. The priest's role is to minister not only to the Lord but to those whom he is responsible. This means that man must minister to his wife and children. Such ministry requires practice. It requires to be truly a man to succeed. Fortunately, God gives all that are needed with instructions in His guide. The priest of the house has to pray for his wife. Prayer produces intimacy. While we pray, we become intimate with God, we also become intimate with the person with whom we pray and intimate with the person for whom we pray. Jesus was so intimate with the Father in prayer on the Mount of Transfiguration, He became resplendent with the glory of the Presence of the Father. When a man prays with his wife, he becomes intimate with her. The intimacy that results from true spiritual prayer is far greater than the physical union. It takes place in the spirit. A woman who prays for her husband develops with him in spirit, an intimacy that draws her to him. She identifies herself to the needs of her husband and thus can help him fill them. The man who does not pray for his wife proves that there can be physical intimacy without the spiritual intimacy that produces true unity. Sex is one thing; spiritual union is another. If a man really wants to be entirely intimate with his wife then,let him begin to pray for her and with her. A motto says: "The family that prays stays together" Every woman needs to be unique in her own eyes. The ministry of man toward woman is to contribute to this. But if he does not pray for her, he ignores his deepest needs. Every woman longs for the intimacy of a man. She was created with this desire by God. When her husband denied that intimacy, her nature leads her to seek an alternative. (This is comparable to the sexual need for man ...) Men who know their wife in prayer also know them in the living room, kitchen and bedroom. The ministry is prayer. God gave to the man the responsibility to become a priest and to learn to take care of his wife. A man is ministering to his wife while reassuring her and while affriming her. All women need to know that they are unique for their husbands. That is why even women who sleep with anyone feel more or less guilty of sex without love. So, before they submit to the sexual desires of a man, they always ask the same question: "Do you love me?" The mechanical sexuality can not satisfy the desire of true intimacy. A man reassure his love for his wife while declaring to her she is the one that God wanted him to marry. We are engaged in what we confess. Marriage vows are a confession that generates a commitment. But most couples today suffer from a lack of commitment. MANY men have the impression of having been forced to marry, handled or put into a corner by circumstances So, they fantasize about imaginary destiny that could have been theirs. The same goes for the woman who marries because of pregnancy, financial insecurity or other reasons. She often doubt that her husband has been given to her by God. Amid such uncertainty, husband and wife look at each other fantasizing: "Was he (her) truly meant to me?" "How would have been life with (an) other?" Such questions, once married (e) are dangerous. This destroys the marital relationship. Every wife should realize that the sanctity of marriage is the central concern of God. Every man must be fully convinced that: "This is it, she is truly the one God wanted me to marry" It's a personal conviction, deep in his heart that he has through the Holy Spirit, before the wedding with her and throughout his married life with her. Therefore, the decision to marry must be done with full conviction: Whatever is not from faith is sin. When the Holy Spirit agrees, He gives us peace and full conviction. After, he must confess it as well. Such a confession is crucial. Remember this: we are engaged in what we confess. A man is ministering to his wife confessing she is the one intended for him. This is his confidence, safety. Men are priests. They must exercise their ministry. But the ministry goes far beyond the preaching, the ministry is to love. A man never stops his ministry; it's his life. He exercises his ministry when he buys a car, hires a sale, rides a computer, takes professional decisions ... Everything in his life is ministry. Many men, having ministered all day, no longer want to continue home when the evening comes. The most serious complaint of women, especially women of servants of God, is this: "My husband is able to minister to all others except me." Men defend themselves, claiming work, exhaustion, professional obligations, financial stress, anxiety ... They actually minister to the whole world, and we must recognize that it's really exhausting. When the husband comes home, he wants to be taken care of him, not vice versa; but the truth is that the ministry begins at home. Often, modern man changes his wife but keeps his job. The Christian husband is also exposed to error, but unconsciously. Couples fall in love and get married; but business is booming, the children come, the church invites, they invest more in various tasks. A man must realize that when he falls and everything else is gone, he still has his wife with him. Or at least, if he has managed things well. It should always be like that. God created man to be leader and steward. Men have nothing; they are only stewards. Health, marriage, children, property, business, love of a wife, the man is only the steward. Everything belongs to God, He has given us everything. We are accountable for what we do, how we take care of what God has given to us. Men do not have the love of their wives: they are only stewards. It is a gift that God gives to man to give him a wife. "He who finds a wife finds happiness, it is a grace of the Lord as it gets." Men, be a good steward. Be the priest. Exercise your ministry. Exercise your ministry to your wife. Let your kids to their grandparents or friends, take a vacation and head sets. You two alone. Fall in love again. Exercise your ministry with her. This is the condition of her joyful submissiveness to you . Every married couple needs a honeymoon at least every six months for at least four days. Without these special moments together, couples are realizing, after a quarter century of marriage, once children left, they forgot to love, communicate, and they will face separation. Men, exercise your ministry. Pray for her and with her. Develop your privacy. Confess to her she is your wife, the love of your life. Exercise your ministry of confidence. To love her consists in this. Take her on vacation and devote her full attention. Fall in love with her regularly. You men, you have no other option. God calls you to be the priest of your home."