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Found 1 result

  1. Hey There, (Hopefully) Future Friends :)

    Hey y'all! Just found this site yesterday and I am quite intrigued by how many people feel the same way I do, whether it's deciding to wait till marriage or people who decide to wait from now on. I'm glad to see many people feeling comfortable enough to speak out about how they feel regarding the topic on something that's so commercialized and embedded into our culture. I, being a devout Catholic and someone who promised to wait till marriage, am happy to know there are others who genuinely care about the well-being of others (physically and emotionally), instead of forcing a partner to take part in a sexual act just for his or her own pleasure. Being a Christian, I hold sex in the highest regard as I view it as God-given; it's the highest degree of a connection two people can share and when someone has multiple sexual partners, the whole concept loses its value. And it kills me to see so many people being pressured into sex by peers and the media. The media has made women seem like sexual objects and men as sex-hungry, pleasure-seeking creatures (and vice versa). I just feel like most times the media portrays sex as a sport, which has become part of our culture (which made me feel so attacked, lol, hence me searching for sites like these)! Being a college student, I am surrounded by temptations and would like to find solace in a community such as this. I hope nothing I said was offensive in any way, and if it was, I do apologize and hope that we can talk about it as this is merely an opinion of mine and just my feelings. I know I mentioned my religious beliefs, but I promise I don't discriminate. And I'm quite nice, so if what I wrote above seemed otherwise, I promise that I will prove it. We all have different opinions and that is something I am very well open-minded to accept and we can all prepare to agree to disagree (if need be). Well I believe that is all for now and I hope everyone is doing well! - R P.S. I NEVER understood how forums work, so apologies in advance if my posts are out of place!