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Found 2 results

  1. Giving close..

    I honestly feel like giving up on waiting. In a few days I'll be another year older and I don't see myself getting any closer to any type of ring. I already don't get much attention from guys and that attention evaporates even quicker when expressing how much I'd like to wait until marriage. It just does not feel like the one who is going to care for me and commit to marriage first before my body is out there. The trail is most certainly cold for coming across another compatible virgin wtm. I'm losing hope to say the least. I almost feel as if I just want to be normal, have a relationship with someone, and live life, I feel like a new doll in a box who is supposed to be the perfect gift for some deserving person..but that person hasn't walked in the toy store to claim me. I'm full of dust and I keep turning down everyone for that person who seems like is never coming...but I'm ready to get off this shelf and out this darn box already. Perhaps it sounds silly....but I'm tired of an affectionate less lifestyle...anyone else questioning the wait?
  2. Hey there.

    Hi. I'm new here. I'm a 19 years old, 5'4, black / mixed female. I plan on becoming an Internal Medicine Physician (Doctor) in the future. I consider myself Christian. I call it "Non-Traditional" Presbytarianism (Protestant). I seek the Bible for moral advice, believe in Jesus Christ and believe in God along with worshipping him. Honestly, I see Christianity as a way of life instead of solely a religion. I actually don't go to church at the moment - as I like to personally learn and study the Bible independently or with my family. I'd only go to church mainly if I'm particularly interested in listening to life experiences from other Christians or if I need help understanding the Bible more so. I added on the "Non-Traditional" part because do not participate in any religious traditions (such as Lent, "abstaining" from meat on Friday or baptism) since the Bible never states that such traditions are indeed mandatory (I eventually may get baptized though). That basically explains my religious views. I'm very logical when it comes to them. Since I am Christian, I "wait until marriage". However, in this day and age, I don't quite like that. In all honesty - I am Happy that I choose to wait until marriage. I Completely understand the logic of waiting and I understand that it's meant for people who really do love each other. However, and unfortunately, it's 2013. Hardly anyone Thinks like that anymore - and I HATE this! Seriously? Why are some people so "easy" for sex? This isn't even much of a moral or religious reason - just a classy one, for the most part. I feel nearly hopeless and that I won't find anyone who's willing to wait, and Realistically (as I've explained before) - I'm not even Extremely religious! I'm normal - and have urges just like those who Don't wait. It's just that - Me personally, If I'm gonna state that I'm an actual Christian - I'm going to actually be Christian to the fullest. I'll actually listen and Wait until marriage for sex. It's like now days, people who claim they're Christian don't even wait anymore! Yet if they do wait - they're VERY over religious or overbearring with their religion (Self-Righteous). That's one of the reasons why I don't quite want to try - I don't Want anyone like that. I just want an average Christian person who waits - like Me. I've already stated that I wait until marriage on a dating website - and it seems like no one really likes me Solely because of that. So I'm wondering.. "There just HAS to be a dating website for people to wait, just has to be." The only one I've found so far is - yet, I'm confused. - Is it a website for those with disabilities who Literally can Not have sex, or is it for people who wait until marriage??? Anywho, I was wondering if anyone's a bit hopeless like I am. Also, are there any dating websites Solely for people who actually wait until marriage? That would Really make me feel better. And I'm really sorry for feeling down or nagging, but that's how I feel - and since everyone on here has Some form of actual sense (lol), I was wondering if anyone else feels that way.