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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone I share with you an article that I really enjoyed...It was written by a christian woman who has been married for a few years. Her message is impacting I think I hope it will bless you. Original french Article written by Inès FOME I was watching the video of a pastor who really challenged me. He was speaking of investing in our spiritual bank account purposely. If I ask you the question: What is the state of your spiritual bank account? Is it filled with lots of zeros? Or rather, is it in the red, so that you are forced to call the 'spiritual bank' 'to seek compromise in order not to pay overdraft fees? It is predominant in preparation for marriage. Understand that everything begins in spiritual places. If the person you have chosen, lives in the will of God, and you both seriously decide to glorify God in your marriage, well, Satan's army will do everything to destroy you! And he will not laugh with you ... I say this not because I want to scare you. But this is a warning message. I say this because we, as Christians, we have this one duty: to bring down the kingdom of God on earth. This task is colossal. And so the enemy will not be happy. He will let you know this of any way possible. The starting signal starts when your man asks for your hand in marriage I remember when my husband asked for my hand, I was seriously in the euphoria of the moment. I could not believe at all, and suddenly, it was amplifying my happiness. He had concocted a surprise for months with his spiritual mentor and his married friends in their group as part of our church, so I wouldn’t be able to suspect anything. We were in this restaurant, as a time of sharing between christian couples and friends. It was the trick that they had used to make me fall for it! In short, the surprise was amazing and I was overjoyed seriously. I stood, smiling in this flood of emotions. Yet in these same emotions I felt, I felt there was a spiritual change that was taking place. I grasped that the act of asking my hand in the heavenly places, is a thing that God had considered and approved. And , this same act also triggered the rage of the enemy. And I became aware, via the Discernment of Spirits, who spoke to me during those few seconds. During this same time, in the restaurant, most of the people around us showed their love for us exclaiming their joy, each in their turn. They came to congratulate us in line, and we were all smiles to receive their blessings. But I will never forget, in the hubbub of our group, the discussions I had with one of my spiritual mothers, who came to congratulate us. She whispered softly in my ear: '' Take courage my dear, and be strong, because the Lord has already prepared your marriage. '' I had found this very intriguing, because I know her heart and I know she is high in prayer. Furthermore, when I came to her, she always took up these words again: '' be strong, courageous. '' She was the only one to do this, which accentuated the prophetic side. I really don’t take lightly the prophetic words, especially when I know who talks to me, and in the name of WHO, in order to warn me. And she was right to do it, because I had a seriously difficult marriage preparation. And if I had not seized the power of fasting and prayer, I do not think I would have seen the Glory of God in my wedding celebration ... and I wouldn’t have been able to experiment peace in my current marriage. Prayer Power as a fiancé (e) I address to people seriously zealous in Christ to understand the importance of recovering the things in the heavens. The word of God says that all we tie in heavenly places is also bound in earthly places. And that goes with marriage. If you are currently fiancé (e), be INTENTIONAL to pray as never before. We must do it alone (e), then in agreement with your fiancé ( e ), and finally, with your community. Prayer is this connection that allows you to connect the Divine with the Human. Prayer is the instrument of consecration of your Faith. It is the way to prove that you have not only FAITH in God's Word (the Bible), but in addition you catch the spiritual keys that will allow you to have a FIRE wedding preparation. So you have to make prayer to God a lifestyle, a habit. This must be a new nature within you. This should characterize you through your fruits. And it starts as follows: Learn to pray alone at home Learn to pray while walking / in the subway / waiting for the bus / in the car Keep with you worship songs that you listen continually Learn to pray during your work breaks Learn to pray with Christians pillars Learn to pray with your Christian environment If you realize well, I did not mention the Church. It already does for this for all of us, and this is done according to its priorities. Your priority is different. So you must pray specifically. Yes, you have to understand that it is your RESPONSIBILITY to fill your own expectations through prayer. You must get out of your comfort zone to arm yourself spiritually. And find war partners, who will also pray specifically for you. Celebrating successful marriage is very linked to the level of Faith and Perseverance that you hold. And realize that even during such times, God will open unimaginable doors to glorify Himself. And it will be during those times that you will have the insurance to continue in this new lifestyle. The explosive nature of fasting Fasting is one of the most powerful weapons that God has given us to see his glory explosively in the wedding celebration. If you have some knowledges in finances, it is the rate that allows you to have an exponential return on investment. Basically, if you pray, you begin to save correctly in the heavenly places. But when you pray and you fast at the same time, it is like having an interest rate of 110% effective today. This means that you earn a lot more than expected in a few moments! Very Huge right? !! Fast is also important for other reasons: It allows God to realise our urgency God gives us a delicate care It speeds up the expected answers It strengthens our FAITH It allows to see the manifestation of the supernatural in our lives When we understood this importance and utility, my husband and I, we entered right into it. And thanks to the vision of my husband, it allowed us to establish the following plan: Plan a monthly, weekly fasting and prayer Choose a specific day of fasting where we pray together in agreement Increase the days of the fasts As the wedding date was getting closer Fasting in community to heavily bring down the glory of God in our lives We had opted for fasting with water / tea at first, because we were not accustomed to doing integral fasts, in the early days. Then gradually , we started making dry fasts (no water, no fruit juice, no food at all). And during the last three months of our marriage preparation, we were accustomed to dry fast several consecutive days weekly. Here are the benefits that we have gained through fasting and prayer: They accelerated our understanding and discernment. We knew who was with us and who was against us. This has taught us to rise our level of faith and to walk by faith: more than 70% of the costs of our marriage did not come out of our pockets, whereas we had not even a cent basically. This has taught us to grow as Christian through our community which allied with us: we were surrounded by friends and Leaders whose communion with Christ is strong, and it had a great influence in our lives . We chose our godparents in the Spirit and not in the flesh. This has strengthened our couple Identity, and it gave us a good rate in our marriage. This allowed us to invest in the after wedding celebration= marriage . Praying and fasting is one of the best investments you can do as this will help you to live your moments as husband / wife in Peace and Joy. This article comes to touch all who are called to do great things as Leaders and sacerdotal Spouses. A wedding is primarily a decision that a man does. My husband is younger than me, he was not working in this season, and above all, he had not saved for the wedding we had. But we must realize that what God has joined together, no man can separate. Now, it’s my turn to tell you to fortify you, and take courage, for you shall see the glory of God. When you stay under His control, you're filling your heavenly bank account, and one day you'll reap the rewards. See you soon Ines Fome