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Found 3 results

  1. What do people in the streets of London think about sex before marriage? Honestly, I thought the answers will be MUCH worse. They were actually surprising (in a positive sense). But well, you know....there´s a camera and a mic in your face. So you shouldn´t bash that much...or maybe I´m just biased. Just wanted to share (all credits go to EmansBlogs). Found it interesting. Oh, and here´s another one of this kind. Only from Toronto (all credits go to The Red Couch):
  2. I got Ireland. Although some questions, I'm somewhere in between and it can be hard to select.
  3. Wow I'm so glad I found this site!! I'd really be interested in talking to some Christian people who could pray for me/serve as accountability in the waiting process! I'm studying at the moment and there are unfortunately very few people I know in my area who are also waiters. None of my friends are. Also are there any Europeans on this site? I'm half American, half Swiss and I've been living in Europe for the past 10 years. Is it just me or is it even more difficult to wait here than in the US? Abstinence is litteraly unheard of here! (Or that's my impression at least, maybe this site will prove me wrong ). Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting some fellow waiters!