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Found 2 results

  1. I'm wondering what kind of things you ladies wear on dates. It can be any kind of date, I just want answers. Even though I've never actually been on a date of any kind, as of this year I have been planning out what I would wear, and building a small wardrobe of date-worthy pieces (because I don't have many). I have a couple of skirts that are like this: Yes they are that short on me but I would be wearing shorts under there ( I would not wear a skirt of any length without safety shorts), but do you still think that would be inappropriate and send the wrong kind of message? I want to look cuter and different than I do on a regular basis (what can I say? I dress for comfort 99% of the time). If it were a date to someplace like the movies would you even wear a skirt/dress and heels? Would that look like trying to hard?
  2. Okay, I've been talking to people about this topic before and would like to know your thoughts.... To me (and without doing deep research I believe this is the origin of it) wearing a white wedding dress on a wedding symbolizes purity, thus being a virgin still on one's wedding day. I feel that someone who has been sleeping around does not deserve to have claim to purity and to also show off with a white dress. It is a privilage that they lost. Many woman wear it only out of tradition perhaps not knowing. Depending on the replies I have a second or third question to follow.