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Found 2 results

  1. I just wanted to ask if anyone here had Autism, Aspergers? To create a support area on the site. To start I have Aspergers .
  2. Hello there, I can't believe I didn't find out about you guys sooner, you can call me Fi or Fia. When I first stumbled upon your site, I knew you guys were not the average community promoting chastity for one thing, you weren't as preachy as the other ones and that you catered to everyone who believed in waiting sex before marriage and not just Christians or a specific denomination since there are other religions out there that also hold those same beliefs as well as the sound logic behind waiting that makes those who are not religious want to wait. I really like how you appeal to logic more than anything since in this day and age, faith alone isn't enough to defend your beliefs, I have to use the reasoning that God gave me whih is one of the things that separates the human race apart from the rest of the animals on Earth and makes us humans special and it is important to use it when defending your beliefs. What is also great is that unlike many other sites, sex is encouraged to be talked about and is not something dirty, but rather just the opposite and that's why it should not be had with just anyone. Many people think that people who decide to remain virgins on a voluntary basis until marriage are not as educated about sex. You also don't bring down people who stumble and make the mistake of having sex before marriage as a "licked cupcake" or "damagee goods" and as a Catholic, I think forgiveness like that is important since nobody is perfect and the best one can do is do their honest best and hey, you can always bake new cupcakes or refrost them. Anyways, enough of praising you guys, you probably want to know more about me: Even before I started dating, I decided to wait due to my Catholic beliefs and since I just didn't feel like I could trust contraception to prevent pregnancy and STDs while I am trying to earn my degree (although I am on birth control, but for endometriosis symptoms and not to prevent pregnancy so that it can actually increase my fertility when I do decide to have children) and it just boils down with me wanting it to be special and rather focus on the more emotional aspects since they mean more to me than sex, infact, right now, I'm enjoying those more and I see no reason to rush into something like that. I decided to join to maybe add to the diversity of this community since I am a 20 year old young woman with autism with a 23 year old boyfriend who also has autism as well who met in a geeky chatroom over the internet almost five months ago and have been together ever since. If we are still together and going strong when I earn my degree in about three years or so, we intend to marry. I don't know about you guys, but I just can't date if I don't plan to marry someone. As soon as I find that they aren't marriage material, I'll usually break up with them. Infact, I dated a previous guy who I met while LARPing who cheated on me because I wasn't putting out. At first I thought my current one was asexual, but it turns out he does have desires, he is just enjoying other aspects of the realationship too much and he wants me to be happy. He is a non-demnominational Christian and a virgin himself. Because he has autism like me, he is probably one of the few people who totally understands me. Anyways, this may be an autism thing, but we both find waiting until marriage extremely easy. Although we want sex, we just don't really find sex as important of as other aspects. Right now, we find it more enjoyable to play video games than have sex and actually talking "nerdy" to each other. The most we ever do is cuddle on his couch or my bed and maybe make out occaisionally, though we do like to hug and kiss a lot. The most we ever gotten to was more like, somewhere between first and second base. One misconception about autism is that people with autism are asexual and never can form fulfilling relationships and marriage is out of the question and I could see why people might think that since our relationship is very chaste (I might add that unless he comes over to my house we rarely get any privacy since his room is basically an alcove in the living room so it makes it impossible, plus his cats are always watching us). But we do talk about sex a lot and although he is fairly conventional, he is willing to be a little bit adventurous as long as it doesn't involve chains and whips or tying him up and he is willing to go on a peanut free diet for me when we marry (and he is doing so now since kissing after he recently ate peanuts is a huge deal as well) so that I won't get an allergic reaction from giving him oral sex due to my peanut allergy. He also desires for children of his own as do I, but honestly, even if our future marriage ends up sexless, based on how happy we are together chaste, I think we'll do fine. I guess you can say a couple with autism has some things similar to a regular couple, but some things are also quite different too. Definitely feel free to ask me questions. As for me, I like video games, mostly RPGs like Dragon Quest and the older Final Fantasy games (before seven with the exception of IX and some of the spin-offs) and such, DnD and other geeky tabletop RPGs and board games, A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones) and several other medieval-fantasy novels, Lovecraftian mythology, and I also enjoy sewing and crafting and collecting video games. My boyfriend has a lot of similar interests so we do get along quite well. I still really don't know why I decided to sign up if neither me nor my boyfriend has any problems with self-control. I guess I mentioned adding to the diversity of the community by giving a perspective of someone with autism in a relationship with another person with autism.