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Found 1 result

  1. Hey gals... So I have a BF and I am having issues dealing with the girls that come around him... For ex... a friend I guess you can say, has that problem where people get in your personal space... So when she talks to him she is all up in his space... It makes me feel awkward.... She randomly rubs his head and will say dumb things... Last time she got some lotion and rubbed it onto his elbows and as she did this she told him dont worry i got you as she smiled all big... I have told her that I dont like that but I feel that she kinda still does it cuz she knows it IRKS me... Then there is another girl that is married... She sometimes lets herself around the counter and has touched slapped his arm and kicked him in childish flirty way... She mainly does this when she is at the gym ALONE... When her husband is there with her... its just a casual HI BYE to him.... Recently she asked him WHY DONT YOU TALK TO ME ANYMORE.... IDK... I think I am probably tripping out over NOTHING but how would you guys take this??? Oh and we both work at the GYM... Hence me saying gym... and the first person is our manager... she is young too so yeah... THANKS LADIES.....